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Wooden winter gardens - variants

wooden winter gardens A winter gardens (orangery) used to be associated with the luxury. Yet more and more often it is becoming an integral element of both residences and smaller buildings. The values of winter gardens are:

  • the extension of the living area and creating an attractive place to spend a free time
  • a greater living comfort
  • the possibility to deal with the nature regardless of the season of the year and the weather
  • creating the space for growing plants which require insolations

A winter gardens can either be a new building (within the existing building) or an existing terrace can be built in. In the latter case the customers must be absolutely sure that the foundations of the terrace are capable of bearing an additional load (the manufacturing of a winter garden is to expensive to install it on the uncertain foundations). While choosing the location of a winter garden (if there is such a possibility) one should take into consideration its future purpose. Yet it seems that a winter garden should be located south-westwards or south-eastwards. The basis of a winter garden by POLIS is a wooden rafter-pole construction which is made of layer-glued pine wood. The dimensions of particular elements are chosen individually and they result from the size of the garden and statistical calculations. Painting a garden with varnishes by SIGMA creates an extraordinary atmosphere inside and it constitutes a sufficient security for external surfaces. The surface of the roof is filled with insulated low emissivity glass with a coefficient U=1.1. The external layer consists in a tempered glass pane of a width of 6 mm, while the internal one – in a glued secure glass pane. Such a configuration makes the roof resistant to external factors (e.g. hail) as well as it ensures the safety of the residents. The roof panes are installed within the wooden construction by means of aluminium profiles by GUTMANN while seals and sealant which are used guarantee the maximum tightness. The walls consist in wooden frames filled with insulated low emissivity glass. Depending on the size and the division of the walls we select the appropriate configuration of the pane insulation. The walls can be filled with:

  • lift and slide terrace doors
  • tilt-slide terrace doors
  • folding terrace doors
  • standard balcony windows and doors

If requested, a winter garden by POLIS can be equipped with an intake-exhaust ventilation system.



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