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For the manufacturing of the windows and doors we use so called layer-glued squared wood. The usage of the glued wood virtually immunises it against characteristic deformations of the wood which are caused by moisture or drying. The various layers of squared wood are glued with a Class D4 glue which is waterproof in virtually any conditions. When it comes to the final product, i.e. windows and doors, the greater the value of the specific weight, the better the product is since it is more resistant to exterior factors and mechanical damage as well as it is more stable. However also an economical factor is significant when it comes to the choice of a given material. This time the smaller is the value of the specific weight of the wood, the smaller is its price.



 Due to the price and availability pine is the most common conifer used in the manufacture of wooden windows and doors. Although it has an average resistance to moisture, well-varnished and well-maintained pine is a great material for the manufacture of the woodwork (also the woodwork exposed to external factors). For the production of wooden windows and doors we use two varieties of squared pine:

  • squared pine from pine joined by means of dovetails (it is the cheapest material for windows and doors); to be painted with covering paints.
  • squared pine from a selected pine; to be painted with wood varnish.

 Specific weight - about 420 kg/m3.



A conifer grown on plantations in tropical countries, often misnamed mahogany. In the manufacture of windows and doors we use the best variation of meranti (so called PRIME), which has the best quality. The properties of meranti are similar to those of good quality pine wood. The wood is relatively homogeneous and growth rings are not conspicuous. Colour - brown. A characteristic feature of meranti is its increased resistance to external factors of coatings.

Specific weight - above 550 kg/m3

  dark red meranti


 A deciduous tree, definitely the best material for the manufacturing of windows and doors. It is characterized by very high density, hardness, durability and resistance to humidity. As a material used for woodwork it has only two drawbacks:


  • high price

  • it brings about the corrosion of metals – hence the need for using screws made of stainless steel

Specific weight – above 700 kg/m3



 One of the best and most durable varieties of wood among conifers; it has a very nice and regular shape of growth rings. One of the most characteristic features of larch is a very high resistance to humidity – it is not subject to biological corrosion and it does not deform under its influence. Over time, the hardness of larch is bigger (it 'turns to stone). It is an excellent material for the production of woodwork, especially the one which is vulnerable to the influence of external factors. The disadvantage of larch is its relatively high price as well as long waiting period.

Specific weight – above 550 kg/m3.




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