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Wooden windows standard 68mm - details

wooden windows Good windows, regardless of the material they are made from, should:

  • protect from the cold;
  • protect from the noise;
  • ensure a proper air inflirtration;
  • be safe and and easy to use;
  • be durable and yet easy to maintain;
  • ensure its users with he feeling of safety.

The wooden windows made by POLIS not only meet all the above mentioned requirements but they also privde its users with additional advantages adding to the attractivenss of both the interior and the elevation of the building.
The wooden windows made by POLIS are produced according to the technology IV68 (the broadth of frame and wing is 68 mm) from the layer-glued wood (pine, meranti, oak, larch) and they can be produced according to the two stylistc technologies:

  • standard – simple in its form – classic frame, glazing fit by means of the standard battens /see details/, standard aluminium frame and wing drip edges, straight sash stop;
  • rustical – wing with embelished external milling, glass fit by means of the stylised battens /see details/, aluminium drip edge covered with a wooden batten, decoratively milled sash stop.

In the case of both stylistic versions, windows can be made:

  • in any shape (rectangular, arched, triangular, trapezoidal);
  • with any wing arrangement or division (it is also possible to make windows with fixed elements);
  • of any external dimensions.

The windows by POLIS are equipped with multi-point hardware fittings NTE5 by ROTO. There is also a possiblity to mount anti-theft hardware (up to WK3). We employ glass by PILKINGTON in any configuration, the thickness of glass varies up to 32 mm. The standard glazing is of 4/16/4 and with a coefficient U = 1.1. There is a possiblity to use glass that is anti-theft, safe, noise-reducing etc. The windows are painted with four-coat glaze varnish /see glaze colours/ or covering varinishes according to RAL by SIGMA paints.

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