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Tilt and slide patio doors

patio doors Wooden tilt & slide patio doors (so called PSK) by POLIS are an alternative to lift and slide patio doors. As compared to the lift and slide patio doors, the acceptable size and weight of the door-leaf is smaller; yet tilt & slide doors are a solution which is cheaper on the one hand and which can definitely meet the expectations of the customers in terms of functionality on the other hand /see variants/. Apart from a purely practical function tilt & slide patio doors have one more advantage: they highlight the modernity of the interior. In the simplest variant the doorway is divided into two equal parts. One of them is filled by tilt-slide doors while the other one by a glass-case. In order to open the doors one should parallelly slide the door onto the glass-case. Despite the size of the door-leaf being relatively large, handling a door-handle is not difficult at all. Tilt & slide patio doors can be manufactured in two ways when it comes to the fittings: 

  • a standard, cheaper version /version S/, circumferential locking of the door-leaf is independent from a tilt-slide mechanism. The rotation of a door handle sets the door-leaf in a tilt position, leaving the door-leaf within a door lining. In order to tilt or slide the door one needs to remove it from the door lining manually.
  • a semiautomatic version /version Z/, peripheral locking of the door-leaf and its movements are controlled by the handle and are synchronized with each other. The rotation of the handle makes the door leaf tilt first. Then it is drawn out of the door-lining and it is ready to slide.

The maximum width of the door leaf: for the S-version – 1680 mm, for Z-version – 2030 mm. The acceptable weight for both versions – 150 kg. The maximum height of the door leaf: 2430 mm. There is a possibility of manufacturing the doors with an upper transom for the doorway of a larger height.


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Door lining
from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), dimensions: 68 x 81 mm standard profile. A door lining of another width upon request.

Door leaf
from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), rail and stile dimensions: 68 x 78 mm standard profile. Door leaf of another width upon request. The maximum width of the leaf – 2000 mm, the maximum height of the leaf – 2400 mm, the maximum weight – 150 kg.

Mullion(for multi-leaf windows)
movable or fixed of the width of 102 mm standard profile.

Transom bar (for floored windows)
standard width: 81 and 102 mm. Transom bars of another width upon request.

envelope fittings, running tracks, guide tracks by ROTO. The colours of running tracks and caps: white, aluminum, olive. Anti-burglar hardware upon request.

four-coat varnishing with SIGMA coatings, varnishing in any covering colour according to RAL or NCS as well as transparent (wood-varnished) [according to wood varnish pattern]. We can also prepare other colours of wood varnish upon request. There is a possibility to differentiate internal and external colours.

with insulated glass by PILKINGTON. The thickness of the glass – up to 32 mm. Standard packet – 4/16/4 with heat transfer coefficient U=1.0. If requested, other types of panes can be installed: secure, tempered, anti-burglar, self-cleaning, decorative, milky, coloured, noise-controlling and stained.

neutral by WACKER in three colours: white, brown and colourless. Other colours available upon request.

internal aluminum muntins of width from 8 to 45 mm, glued-on Vienna muntins of width from 25 to 35 mm, structural muntins of width from 55 mm /more/.

Rain protection rails
insulated aluminum rain protection rails by BUG. They can be either white (varnished ones) or in one of the three colours (anodised ones). On a door leaf there is a rain protection rail by ALURON of the same colour. Rain protection rails can have other colours (according to RAL) upon request.

by INTER DEVENTER, white or brown. Other colours are available upon request.

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