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Wooden internal door standard - variants

wooden internal doors The wooden internal doors are one of the crucial elements of flats' and buildings' workmanship. The atmosphere of the interior as well as the comfort of the residents depends on their style, the way of manufacturing and the type of materials used. The wooden interior doors by POLIS can meet the expectations of virtually any client. Depending on the needs and taste of the customer we manufacture doors which can be used in buildings with different design and architecture. The doors are made according to individual orders as well as according to the projects of our own or of the customer. If a customer orders windows and doors simultaneously, it is guaranteed that the same stylistics of the interior woodwork is preserved in all the building. The doors which can be manufactured are as follows: single, double or with upper transom. In terms of the structure the base of the interior doors by POLIS is a solid frame with a thickness of 42 mm made from high quality layer-glued wood: pine, meranti, oak.
Depending on your needs and taste, POLIS suggests the manufacturing of the interior doors in two stylistic technologies:

  • the classic door – a frame which is simple in form, with a slight overmilling; the fillings (panels, glazing) are fixed within the edge of the door leaf
  • the battened door – the fillings are embedded in the frame of the leaf by means of decorative pipe batten. Additional decorative applications on the rail and the door panels highlight the style of the door

The door panels in six patterns of milling are made of glued wood regardless of the style. Glazing: plain, sanded, ground, secure, decorative, milky, stained glass.
Door lining (door frame) of the width of 40 mm, made of glued wood, for the entire thickness of the wall. Two-side adjustable clamps of a width of 65 – 130 mm. Painting with polyurethane half-mat varnishes or according to RAL. The doors are equipped with a mortise lock and adjustable hinges.



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