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Our offer

Wooden pivoting windows 68mm

rotary wooden windows Wooden pivoting windows by POLIS are an interesting solution as far as both functionality and architecture are concerned. The wing of the pivoting window is completely flush with a frame /more/ – the drainage of rain water is possible thanks to a specially profiled frame. A pivoting window is opened by means of rotating it within solid bearing hinges. pivoting windows can rotate either around horizontal or vertical axis /see variants/. If they rotate around a horizontal axis, the steering handle is located in the lower part of the window, which allows for the convenient opening of windows even when they are installed relatively high. An open window wing can stand still in any position. After the wing has been rotated, one gets an easy access from the inside to the exterior pane, which comes in handy when the glass is cleaned. A significant attribute of a pivoting window is a possibility to manufacture one-wing windows whose wings have very big dimensions. The acceptable diameter of a round window: 450 – 2000 mm; acceptable dimensions of a rectangular window rotating around a horizontal axis: width 600 – 2000 mm, height 700 – 2000 mm.


from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), dimensions: 68 x 78 mm standard profile. Frame of another width upon request.

from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), dimensions: 68 x 78 mm standard profile. Frame of another thickness upon request.

envelope fittings by GU.

four-coat varnishing with SIGMA coatings, varnishing in any covering colour according to RAL or NCS as well as transparent (wood-varnished) [according to wood varnish pattern]. We can also prepare other colours of wood varnish upon request. There is a possibility to differentiate internal and external colours.

with insulated glass by PILKINGTON. The thickness of the glass – up to 32 mm. Standard packet – 4/16/4 with heat transfer coefficient U=1.0. If requested, other types of panes can be installed: secure, tempered, anti-burglar, self-cleaning, decorative, milky, coloured, noise-controlling and stained.

neutral by WACKER in three colours: white, brown and colourless. Other colours available upon request.

glued-on Vienna muntins of width from 25 to 35 mm, structural muntins of width from 55 mm /more/.

by INTER DEVENTER, white or brown. Other colours are available upon request.

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