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Paints & colours

For painting wooden windows and doors we use four-coat system of varnishing by Sigma Kalon. The system consists of: impregnation, priming, inter-layer painting, the final painting. The four-coat system by Sigma meets the requirements of EN 927. The varnishing system we have applied allows to obtain about 600 colours when it comes to transparent – wood varnished paints (12 out of them, i.e. the most popular ones are presented on the colour charts enclosed below) as well as more than 5000 covering colours according to RAL or NCS. Before making a final choice of the coluor of a wood varnish and of a covering colour one should take into account the fact that not every colour assures the optimal protection of wooden windows and doors as they are exposed to external factors. Particularly bright wood varnish (due to poor pigmentation) will require more intensive maintenance and renovation. The durability of coatings is also influenced by:

  • species of wood used
  • the way of embedding (the depth of the wall) of the doors and windows
  • the position when it comes to a cardinal direction
  • the size of eaves of the roof

The proper selection of the aforementioned parameters allows us to optimize durability of coatings.
Below there are tables (recommendations of the Institute of Window Technology in Rosenheim) which should be taken into consideration before choosing the colour of woodwork.



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