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Window and door muntins usually fulfil a decorative function. Chosen correctly, they can have a great impact on the aesthetical values of the woodwork.

Aluminium muntins

Aluminium mullions due to their price are the most frequently used window ornament. They are fitted by the manufacturers of insulated glass panels. Aluminium mullions are available in the following dimensions and colours: 

  • 8 mm – white, silver, golden;
  • 18 mm – white, brown, brown, golden, golden oak
  • 26 mm – white, brown, mahogany, light oak, dark oak
  • 45 mm – white, brown.
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Vienna muntins

Vienna muntins (glued-on muntins) are the imitation of the muntins that used to be mounted on the windows and doors. In the past muntins used to be a construction element of the glazing while at present they consitute solely a decorative element – they are glued onto the insultated glass panel that fills in the entire window leaf. In order to highlight the division of the the glass, there is an aluminium frame mounted betzeen the glass panels (so called Duplex). The Vienna muntins by POLIS are manufactured in two styles: standard and rustical. They are made of the same wood as the window or doors. The standard height of the muntin amounts to 30 mm however it is possible to have muntins of a different size upon request. The muntins are painted with a wood varnish according to Sigma or RAL samples. Glueing and sealing is done with the use of neutral silicon.


szprosy wiedeńskie   szprosy wiedeńskie 


Structural millions

Structural millions divide the surface of the window or door leaf into smaller quarters within which small glass panes or fillings are mounted. Structural millions are definitely the strongest type of millions. Although they are employed mainly in the external doors, smaller structural millions can also be fitted in the windows. They are manufactured according to two styles: standard and rustical, and can be of width from 52 up to 132 mm. Structural muntins are varnished according to RAL and Sigma. The are the most expensive type of muntins due to the fact that small-size glass panes are fitted. Owing to their size, the structural muntins also limit the access of the outside light.


szprosy konstrukcyjne    szprosy konstrukcyjne


Openable frame muntins

Openable frame muntins are relatively unpopular even though they seem to surpass the remaining types of muntins in terms of functionality:

  • Their structure is independent of the window leaf structure so they can be dismounted without any problem;

  • one can open the frame while washing the windows which definitely makes it easier.

Frame muntins are made of the same wood as the rest of the window. The are varnished according to RAL.

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