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Our offer


In the windows, doors and winter gardens produced by POLIS the insulated glass from PILKINGTON is installed. Depending on the function that the glazing of the doors and windows is supposed to fulfil, appropriate configuration of glass in the insulated pane is selected.


Heat filter glass

As the energy is getting more and more expensive and we are faced with a necessity to protect the natural environment, the proper thermoinsulation of the building is one of the requirements that doors and windows have to meet. The single- and double chamber low-emission glass panes installed by POLIS guarantee:

-decrease of the heat loss through window and door openings
-high permeability of light
-limiting the liquefaction of water vapour

Heat transfer coefficient U from 0.7 for the pane 4/16/4/16/4.


Noise controlling glass

Ensuring an appropriate level of noise is a necessary condition for people as far as their health and the comfort of work and leisure are concerned. In the absence of the possibility to eliminate the source of noise (e.g. busy streets, airports, railways) the use of noise controlling insulated glass can significantly reduce its amount. The damping factor for standard insulated glass unit 4/16/4 with argon is Rw = 31 dB, which is sufficient for normal conditions. The damping factor Rw=50 db can be obtained when other configurations of insulation are used.


Secure and anti-burglar glass

Secure glass (tempered, glued) should be used wherever there is a possibility of people being wounded due to a glass breakage (at schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops; the roofs of winter gardens etc.). Once the tempered glass is broken, it is scattered into tiny pieces whereas glued glass does not scatter at all since the foil situated between the panes keeps it together. Anti-burglar glass P2 (two layers of foil) and P4 (four layers of foil) effectively prevent unauthorised people from accessing the building through the window.


Antisolar glass

In the summertime in the case of large glazing areas (displays, winter gardens) the solar energy can be somewhat annoying. In order to limit the access of solar energy into the rooms antisolar panes are used (coloured or mirror panes). Despite appearances, the use of antisolar glass also decreases the energy consumption of the building. Hence, the expenses of air-conditioning are much lower.



Decorative glass

The use of decorative glass (ornamental or milky glass, the panes with a matted surface or with screen printing) can add to the atmosphere of the room as well as it can increase the feeling of privacy.


Self-cleaning glass Activ /Bioclean/

We recommend this type of glass to customers who require constant cleanness of glass surfaces, especially in the places access to which is troublesome (highly situated displays, winter gardens, glass elevations). Thanks to a special coating Activ the dirt, which settles on the surface of the glass, decomposes under the influence of the sun. Afterwards it is rinsed by the rain. During a rainless period the panes can be cleaned with the use of a hose. What is important, the water does not leave water stains as it runs down.



Special glass Optiwhite

Colourless, supertransparent glass with the highest permeability of light and solar energy. It is recommended especially when there is a need to use extra-thick glass and where the use of standard greenish glass makes the view significantly darker.


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