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Our offer

Fittings and handles

 Wooden windows and terrace doors

Fittings (hinges, locks, latches) are one of the most important elements of modern windows despite the fact that most elements are not visible. The proper functioning of window fittings determines not only the ease of the use of the window but also the safety of the user. Taking all these into consideration in the windows and patio doors produced by POLIS fitted envelope fittings NT E5 from a reputable company ROTO are installed. Every time fittings are selected individually depending on: the window size, its division, shape, function and requirements set by the user (the customer). The proper selection of fittings will meet even the most sophisticated expectations of the customer.

 The standard fittings installed by POLIS include:

  • microventilation
  • anti-mishandling device with a lift device
  • regulated locking pins
  • additional broacher for wide wings
  • two latches and anti-theft corners
  • bolt lockings in two-wing windows with a movable mullion
  • regulated hinges with an acceptable load of 130 kg
  • two-position broacher (for tilt-turn widnows) with a tilt stabiliser
  • hinge caps in any of nine colours
  • original ROTO handle in any of nine colours


Upon the customer's request:

  • anti-burglar fittings: WK1 , WK2 , WK3
  • ROTO handles with a button, key or SECUSTIC
  • he installation of the sensors which are connected with the heating system – the moment the window is open, the radiator under the window stops working
  • the installation of reed sensors which enable windows to be connected with a monitoring panel
  • multistage tilt which enables the window to be set in any tilt position
  • bolting espagnolette in two-wing windows (recommended for tall windows)
  • covered hinges DESIGNO – the hinges are completely hidden in the nick of the wing and the frame
  • KOMFORT fittings – the handle of the window is situated in the lower vertical stile of the window
  • TILT FIRST fittings – they are an optimal security measure to prevent a child from opening a door or a window
  • break of a turning wing – enables the stabilisation of the wing in any position
  • espagnolette with a two-side handle locked with a key – for balcony doors
  • the latch of balcony doors
  • regulated hinges with an acceptable load of 200 kg

External doors

 The standard wooden exterior doors produced by POLIS include:

  • multi-point key-steered espagnolette;
  • standard locking insert
  • bolt locks in two-wing windows with a movable mullion
  • three regulated hinges with a diameter of 20 mm
  • plastic hinge caps (brown or white)
  • genuine handle by HOPPE (aluminum or old gold)

klamki drzwiowe HOPPE


Upon customer’s request the exterior door can be equipped with:

  • multi-point handle-steered espagnolette
  • anti-burglar handles by HOPPE
  • anti-burglar lock inserts
  • anti-burglar bolts on the hinge area
  • 3D hinges by SIMONSWERK or SFS
  • metal hinge caps
  • self-locking device
  • press seal in thresholdless door
  • electronically steered locks

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