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External wooden shutters - details

wooden shutters Wooden shutters are more and more often a complement of the windows and balcony doors. Not only do they constitute an important element of the architecture of the building, giving it individual features, but they also fulfil a number of useful functions. In the summertime closed shutters protect the room from overheating and sun exposure and at the same time they provide ventilation. In winter, in turn, they protect the building from the cold, wind, hail. They also prevent prying eyes as well as to some extent they protect the building from the access of unauthorized persons. Wooden shutters by POLIS complement an extensive array of our products. If they are ordered together with windows, they have the same color as the window, which is especially important in the case of transparent paints (wood varnishes). The shutter hardware from ROTO which is used by POLIS allows for virtually any way of installing the shutter in the wall and the window opening. Depending on the shape of the window, shutters can be rectangular, arched, trapezoidal. POLIS offers five patterns of shutters.



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