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External window sills

external windows sills Exterior window sills are responsible for the appropriate drainage of the water in the window opening. A proper selection and installation of an exterior window sill prevents the wall which is next to the window from getting moist. POLIS recommends and installs window sills produced by ALURON. The window sills by ALURON are made from pressed aluminum (not from curved one that is likely to have micro-ruptures on the edges which has a strong impact on their durability). The window sills by ALURON are anodized in three colours /see details/ or powder painted in any colour according to RAL. The endings of a window sill are made of plastic which has the same colour as the one used for anodizing. Importantly enough, the colour of the window sills is the same as the colour of drip caps. The window sills are installed in an undercut which along with a sill and the endings guarantees a proper drainage of the water in the window opening.



embossed aluminium, anodised or powder-painted according to RAL.

150 , 175 , 200 , 225 , 250 , 275 , 300 mm

up to the customer, the maximal length – 6000 mm.

synthetic, the same colour as of anodising.

rubber, black.

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