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Drip caps and thresholds

Drip caps and thresholds are responsible for the proper draining of rainwater from the leaf and thereby they protect the bottom edge of the frame against the influence of rainwater. They are also a part of the seal interface between the lower edge of the leaf and the frame. In the windows and balcony doors produced by POLIS aluminum drip caps by a German company BUG are used, which meet the abovementioned requirements. Drip caps are made of pressed aluminum and they have a thermal pad which improves the thermal insulation of windows and doors. Depending on the type of woodwork (window or balcony doors) POLIS installs window drip caps or balcony drip caps (so called strengthened ones). Balcony drip caps have reinforced structure which prevents them from being damaged in case one steps on them. The drip caps' endings are made from UV-resistant material.


Window drip cap
Balcony drip cap


In the stylised windows ('rustical') we install drip caps covered with decoratively milled batten which has the colour of the window. The drip cap is completely invisible but simultaneously it meets all the requirements of sealing and water drainage.


The other drip cap used by POLIS is a drip cap which is installed on the leaf. It performs the functions of protecting the lower edge of the leaf (the most sensitive part of the window) against water. Also this drip cap has material endings. The use of this kind of drip caps definitely immunises a window from the impact of external factors and thus prolongs the period before the renovation.  


Aluminum drip caps are anodized in three colors: aluminum, olive, brown or powder coated into white. Upon request there is a possibility of powder coating into any colour according to RAL.



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